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Parent Resources
The WorldWideWeb has become a tremendous resource for parents and patients seeking medical information, but we do urge caution when conducting an online search for information beyond what you have received directly from medical professionals.  We consider the resource links listed here to be of value for general medical information.  Always check with your pediatrician before acting on any of the information that you obtain through the course of your search. 

Link List
(The American Academy of Pediatrics) - This site provdes medical information on a variety of health care topics.  The home page has information on the latest health care topics that pertain to children, such as internet safety and cold medicines.  Under "Health Topics", the developmental stages are explained and there is quick access to a variety of concerns such as Asthma and Bedwetting.  In the "Parenting Corner" the 2008 vaccine schedule is available.
(The Center for Disease Control)- Disease  information, injury prevention and traveler health are some of the topics covered on this site.
This site is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.  It provides information on medications, herbal medicines and supplements.
This site distributes educational information on immunization practices.
Offered at this site is a list of asthma screening sites, self-tests for adults and children, and asthma management information. 
Free weight management for teens can be found at this site with a calorie counter, diet talk, support network and exercise advice.

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